Friday, November 7, 2008


Before understanding kickback bonuses, you need to understand how poker affiliate industry works. Poker rooms need new players and they pay affiliates for every new player they bring to them. Usually its a one time payment, called CPA (cost per acquisition). Kickback bonuses are given to you by affiliates from the money they receive for bringing you to the poker room. Instead of cash, they give you "points" and you exchange them in affiliate shops for chipsets, books, software or cash transferred to your poker room account or e-wallet.

This is in addition to signup bonus or any other bonus you may receive from a poker room. Kickback bonuses come from affiliate payments and are totally independant from poker rooms. Most bonuses are in the region of $80-$100 and can add a significant boost to a small stakes players bankroll.

You have to understand that you can't just deposit, receive a kickback bonus and withdraw. Every kickback bonus deal has requirements. You need to earn required number of points, raked hands or pay required amount of rake before you can receive your kickback bonus. Don't worry, the requirements are always quite low.

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